I am a housewife for more than a year (more years pa!) and I am enjoying this journey. Though we are not yet blessed with a baby, I can say that we are blessed in the other aspects of married life. We are not rich but we have our friends who support us with our marriage, we have food on the table, a shelter to keep us safe (plus a very generous landlady), a stable job to make us through our bills, Saturdays and Sundays to enjoy each other’s company and of course, God who abundantly gives us blessings 24/7.

I am the type of housewife who makes sure that my husband eats a close to gourmet food that I can imitate on the net. I want my husband to feel pampered every time he gets home from his stressful work. I make sure that our home is clean and tidy especially our bedroom. I want our bed to look like you want to sleep all day. Everyday, I make sure that everything in our house is dust free and the food is still warm. I treat him as a baby, and a simple smile from him makes all the effort worthy.

When I was single, I clean the house but it depends on my mood. You know, I am a typical lazy girl who sleeps 4 in the morning and wakes up after lunch. I never thought that it will all change after marriage.

So, yesterday…

We went to SM Megamall to look for a phone. I told him I don’t need one because I still have 2 phones. He told me that one has a b*tchy battery life and the other one is ready to be trashed. I told him that we have a perfectly working tower and that I can still go online with it. He said that it is convenient to use a mobile phone. I said that I won’t be able to use the phone, and I will be happy if he will buy PS3 instead. He said are you sure?


I must admit that I haven’t bought a very nice phone for my self. I bought one when I was working, but it is very cheap. Yung dalawang phone ko, hand me down ng mama ko dahil mahilig sya magpalit ng celepono. I always think whenever I buy something for myself, that it is hard to earn money. Why am I going to buy something luxurious for myself? I think it is selfish and it always bothers me. I always end up buying something for my mom, sis or bro and it makes me happy. (Bakit nga ba ganon, mas OK yung pakiramdam ibili yung iba kesa sa sarili mo?)

So, my husband checked my phone and went directly to my gallery.

“2 hours ago, nabili natin yung phone. Ngayon may 37 selfies ka na.”

Hahaha. Really, I don’t need a phone.

This blog is my simple way of saying, thank you for the very early birthday gift. I am really happy that you buy something that I think I won’t be needing pero in the end, gagamitin ko pala. I LOVE YOU, PAPA BER WITH OR WITHOUT THIS PHONE. 🙂

P.S. I want to share with you one of my selfies. I really enjoyed using the phone’s camera because it is pretty awesome!

I used the front cam here. Ang ganda ng quality ng photo!




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