When I was younger, I always wish for material things on my birthdays. When I got older, I just want to celebrate my birthdays with the people closest to me – my family!

I would like to thank the One above who never gets tired of me. Thank You! Thank You for my mom and dad. I am still considered a baby in our home. It’s my 31st birthday today and I still have a mini party with two cakes. 🙂 They cooked simple meals which we devour in less than an hour. You know, I was not expecting anything. I just told my husband that I want to go home in Bataan and we will just take the fambam out for dinner. When we got home earlier, my Papa was preparing the seafoods. Mama bought a Chocolate cake, and a Lemon cake from Papa was also on the table. Yay!

These were my handa.

Thank You Lord for my bestfriend (since birth haha). She is one of the people I look up to. And I think, her presence leads me to the right path, the right choices. She sent me a simple message with this cutie patootie goddaughter of mine. 

Thank You, Lord for giving us a very energetic Gabriel. He is the entertainer of the family. I love him like my son. 🙂

Thank You, Lord for all the people whom You picked to stay on this journey. All of the messages and wall greetings I got on my Facebook profile were all from the people that I really know. 🙂 Hindi yung nakibati lang kasi nakita lang na may bumati. Thank You!

Lastly, thank You for giving me a lifetime partner. I prayed that you pick someone whom I can share my life with forever, hindi yung fling fling lang. And what you gave me is more than what I asked for.

No doubt, I am really blessed! Happy 31st! I hope for more realization to come along in this blissful journey!



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