Just yesterday before the day ended, my husband and I received good news! (Nope, I’m not preggers yet, just a heads up).

Someone sent a message earlier about my blog. They’re inviting me to write for them. I still haven’t responded yet because I am still thinking about it, though I am truly happy that someone took notice of my blog – of being myself and writing everything I do as a housewife. I just got myself enrolled in a university and I want to focus on my future studies. I really love to tell stories, and I am so thankful that I can channel it thru’ blogging. For me, blogging is like writing in my diary, except that it is not a secret, everybody’s welcome to read and comment on it. 

Since 2010, my husband and I had planned to make a blog along with our friends. We like to have our own blogging site where all of us (friends) can write about experiences, travels, food trips, sex and guy stuff (yep, we have someone who will write stories about s*x), religious beliefs (yep, after the S word, we want to have someone to write about God), fashion and many more. We just started this year, and I still need to focus on our blog. Our bloggers write for us (The Rice Cooker Chronicles) for free, and they can send the articles anytime they want to send it… no pressure-because blogging should be fun and enjoyable. We don’t want them to write out of pressure, because it will reflect on their articles. 

Another reason for a celebration? Uhm, my hubby is so pa-mysterious. He told me not to tell it yet. Haha.

Because of these happy news, I took my notebook where I have written all the food that I should be cooking for him on his birthday.I will just create a new set of menu for his birthday. (BTW, it is a secret notebook. :D)

My husband loves the BBQ spareribs of Mcdo. We don’t have spareribs so I just cooked what is available – chicken breast.


Soy, paprika, cayenne, pepper, brown sugar, thai fish sauce, chili garlic sauce

Combine the ingredients. Reserve half of the mixture.

Marinade the chicken breast using the mixture for 30 minutes. *better if the chicken is thinly sliced.

Combine flour, salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne. Flour the marinated chicken.

I fried the chicken because we don’t have a griller and the smoke might worsen my allergies. Let the chicken rest for 5 minutes after cooking.

In a pan, put the other half of the marinade mixture then add flour until it thickens. Put in the fried chicken in the thickened mixture. You can add catsup for added layer of flavor. Naks!

Serve this with your favorite salad. I paired this with mixed veggies I bought from the market for only 30 pesos. Recipe, saute garlic and onion, add the veggies, season with salt and pepper and a tbsp of fish sauce.

The chicken dish does not look appealing, but my hubby said it’s really goooood. 🙂

Veggies for everybody!



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