My BFF (Breast Feeding Friend)

Hi, there! I have something interesting to share with you again. I had some little chitchat with my bestfriend, Ayeen who is a mom to her cutey Ikay, who happens to be my goddaughter. We talked about breastfeeding, of course! Based on her FB post (sorry, I am a bit of a stalker here haha), she clearly advocates breastfeeding. 

I see a lot of celebrity moms (Juris Fernandez and Jennica Garcia to name a few) nursing their babies despite their busy schedules. Breastfeeding never became a hindrance to them. Despite their busy schedules, they see to it that their little ones are the priority. Just like Jennica, Ayeen is a very hands on mom to Ikay. Sacrificing her career for her daughter is a very huge step to make, but watching her daughter’s developmental milestones is priceless. You can always find a job, but children will be only be children once. And I think wala ng hihigit pang trabaho sa pagiging ilaw ng tahanan at ina ng iyong mga anak.

Well, she also encouraged me to breasfeed as soon as I have my own. (I am praying for that baby bump soon). She also shared good points on this topic! I enjoyed having this conversation with my bestfriend, especially now that we have our own families. This talk turned out to be matured and timely.

How long have you been breastfeeding?

Since birth ni Ikay, 1 year and 5 months.

Why breastfeeding?

“Because breast is best! I know that it’s the best gift that I can give to my child.”

Sometimes, people feel awkward (especially men) when they see a mother breastfeeding. How do you feel about this?

Nalulungkot dahil na-sexualize na ang breasts. The purpose of breasts, kaya tayo binigyan nito, is to nurture our children. 

People who feel awkward, worse offended when they see a mother breastfeeding in public are ignorant. The mother is only doing the most natural job, which is to feed her baby.


“We should normalize breastfeeding.” – Ayeen U. Barit

What do you feel when you see someone breastfeeding in a public place?

I feel proud! Hehe. We should normalize breastfeeding!


Nakikita mo na ba ‘yung mga benefits ng breastfeeding? Anu-ano ‘yon?


Indeed, a very happy baby (and mommy, too!)

Yes! Never pang nagkasakit si ikay. Nagkasipon lang siya ng mild (mga 2-3 days, ung sipon na di nya naman pinapansin) siguro twice pa lang sa buong buhay nya. Never pa siya nagdiarrhea. Matibay sikmura nya, lahat pwede nya kainin. Mga gulay at prutas ang kinakain nya. No allergies. At dahil nga matibay ang sikmura, nahahayaan ko siyang maglaro at magexplore ng kahit ano sa labas. Humahawak ng lupa, bato, dahon, kahit ano. Madalas sinusubo ang maduming kamay, ok lang naman siya.  She is a happy baby!

Paano mo ma-eengganyo ang isang nanay na magbreastfeed?

Mahirap ung “maengganyo” eh. Dapat kasi open talaga ung nanay sa breastfeeding.  Ang ginagawa ko na lang, sinasabi ko na mag-attend sila ng breastfeeding class. Mahirap kc magconvince lalo kung di ka naman talaga lactation counselor. “Sa pagbreastfeed kailangan decided ang nanay”.  Super important din ung support ng mga tao sa paligid nya lalo na si husband. Kahit wag na ung ibang tao, basta si husband kelangan supportive. May point kasi talaga na gugustuhin mo ng mag-give up. Kelangan may magpush sayo na tuloy lang. Siguro eto na lang, you’re giving the BEST and PERFECT food to your child when you breastfeed. Ang milk ng tao ay para sa tao. Ang milk ng cow ay para sa cow. Apat ang tyan ng cow, so imagine the content of cow’s milk that you give to a baby when you give him formula milk.

I strongly agree with my bestfriend. As a nurse, one of my advocacies is breastfeeding. I am not a mom yet, but I’m hopeful that one day, I will be one of the moms to be who will tell the world that my husband and I are pregnant, be it in a picture of a cute pair of shoes or a positive pregnancy test. ❤ And by all means, I will pump milk if I have to go to work. I will breastfeed my baby in public places with my head high.  I will give my soon-to-be-baby the best bonding experience – breastfeeding. No amount of expensive formula milk can ever replace the nutritional and natural liquid “gold,” the BREASTMILK.

The interview/chismisan ended with this encouragement:

Hay napakadami ko pang pwedeng i-share.  Kaya pag ikaw nabuntis, magbreastfeed ka!




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