I just want to thank all the people who shared & read my posts and positively commented on my blogs!

I am truly happy because I never thought that I can “entertain” all my readers through my true to life stories! :*

Thank you to all of my followers here on WordPress for sharing your stories. Reading your wonderful blogs makes me experience not only the culture you live in, but your life as well.

(I am sorry that my stupidity removed 500 of my followers. I am truly sorry, I didn’t know how to export/import because I had to rename my domain name, and I just deleted it.)

I will do my best to remember all the stories from my childhood up to this point in my life, so that I can share all of it to you in the most entertaining way I possibly can.

Thank you, my dear Ber for always supporting my dreams of becoming a good blogger. Hehe. Thank you for helping me create this random group blog. Cheers to more blogs and bloggers of our “Rice Cooker” site.

I thank all of my childhood friends and neighbors for good memories, that without them, I think my childhood would have been doomed.

Thank you to my team, Jes, Ia and Lab for being patient with me. I know all of you are busy, but you always respond to my requests to take a peek on your posts. ❤ (No pressure , di ba hahaha!)

From the bottom of my fat ❤



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