Kwentong Lungs

I took my health for granted, and now I am suffering the consequences.

I ignored my vitamins. I became lazy to jog. I didn’t visit the doctor. I felt my cough will go away on its own. But it didn’t. It became worse. I coughed so hard, that it made me awake in the middle of the night. It affected my sleep. The usual 8-hour sleep became 4 hours. I thought that I will get used to it. I thought it will go away on its own.

Natural remedy was my first choice. (How I wished I went to a doctor right away. 😦 ). I Googled everything. I diagnosed myself. My pride ate me. I am a nurse, I can take care of myself. Until my symptoms became worse.

Eventhough I am a nurse, someone has to take care of me, too. 

I finally paid a visit to a doctor. Upon check-up, it was Allergic Rhinitis. The medical practitioner prescribed some medicines that I needed to take for 7 days. The auscultation seemed normal, so she did not prescribe antibiotics yet. I was instructed to have my X-RAY in case my cough will not go away after the medication. 

I felt ok after a week of finishing my meds. My cough was lessened. I also double dosed on my vitamins. I increased my fluid intake. My colds gradually went away. After a week, the symptoms went back. 

Honestly, it was hard for me to move. I was always sleepy. Sometimes, I felt dizzy, but I tried my best to cook for my husband. I can’t even wash the dishes because of the headache. 

This itchy throat became worse specially when the weather is hot. My husband said I felt warm when he touched my forehead. I breathed through my mouth since I was congested. I took Neozep and hurried myself to sleep. The upper part of my mouth felt painful as well as the inside of my nose. Vaporub smells good when you are sick. It made me relax and off I went to dreamland.

I woke up without congestion, and my cough was all gone. My husband did all the cooking. He cooked instant noodles, my comfort food whenever I am sick. I felt really good! But this feeling of comfort and relief did not stop me from having myself checked again. I need to submit myself for an X-RAY.

My husband accompanied me to a clinic. The doctor was not available and the X-RAY results will be out tomorrow. 

Now, I am nervous. 24 hours seem long. I am hoping that what I am experiencing is not the worse. I hope that the X-RAY reading is OK. I keep on being positive, but I worry. What ifs never leave my mind.

Will update this tomorrow.

Update: My lungs are clear!!! No anomalies found on my XRAY result!

I lost my appetite in the past few weeks, but I tried my best to eat. I found out that tuna in can makes my right foot and right ear itchy. I requested Tinola (without chicken) from my husband. Good job, my love! You know how to cook Tinola! 

Hi! My name is Chicken Tinola. Ems cooked me, not Jester. 

Right now, I just ate 2 pcs of bananas and some rambutan.



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